What To Do for Stress?

10 Mar

I seem to stress myself out so easily about the smallest things! All I do while at work during the week is stress about every little thing. I am a perfectionist so things have to be done perfect or I feel like I failed at it….not to mention certain people I work with stress me out big time. I seem to hold all my stress in my neck and shoulder area, which eventually causes pain and problems for me. I am looking for some  suggestions/tips on what to do to help relieve or prevent stress. This weekend I feel extra stressed out because all I really want to do is read a good book and finish it (I have a collection of 60 plus books on my Kindle Fire waiting to be read yet I can never seem to find the time to sit down and finish one!) I am doing some side work for one of my Doctors at work because I need to extra cash, but it is not like I want to do it or enjoy doing it…it is a LOT of reading documents and typing, I do it at home so the weekends are my only real available time for that….which leaves me with no relaxation time 😦 I wish money did not have to be a worry or concern, but unfortunately that is life and I have to deal with it….I just need to figure out a good way to deal with it without getting so stressed out over it.

Today, during the day, was nice though….I got my eyebrows waxed and got my hair cut (much needed for both!) and I wanted to just get a toe nail polish change but the wait was an hour long….so of course I did not wait. I dred painting my own toe nails….it just seems to be a pain for me and a longer process when I do it myself than when I have someone else do it.


Anyways, suggestions or tips on ways to prevent or relieve stress would be great! Thanks 🙂

March Julep Maven Box & Sunday Manicure<3

4 Mar

Yesterday I received my second Maven box from Julep, and again I was completely happy and satisfied with the colors I received and the beauty product as well as the free gift! I get excited for the box to arrive, I think it is so fun! What I received in my box was: Rock Star Hand Cream, Strawberry Mint Lip Balm, and 2 nail polishes: Minnie & Adrianna….both are really pretty spring colors! I have tried out the Rock Star Hand Cream- it leaves my hands feeling so soft and moisturized, but I am not too fond of the smell. I have also used the lip balm which I LOVE! I liked the other lip balm I received in my first box as well, it was a different kind, but I love both….I am really picky when it comes to lip balms and lip gloss so I was shocked, yet happy that I liked the Julep lip balm I received.




Today I decided to try out one of the colors, Minnie, so I gave myself a manicure and tried it out….I adore this color! It is perfect for the spring time!! I chose to paint my nails this color, and then for the accent nail I painted Essie’s “Beyond Cozy” over it. I absolutely love it! I can not wait to try out the other Julep color I received in this months Maven box- Adrianna, I will be posting about it when I do try it. The only downside I have found with the Julep polish I tried today was that it seems to be really thick!! Other than that I am a happy camper 🙂


Magazine Reads Of The Day….

3 Mar

I finally got my first issue of NAIL IT magazine. My friend KL had told me about this magazine and I immediately went online to subscribe to it. I LOVE it and am so glad I did subscribe! It gives tons of helpful tips, reviews of colors, the latest nails and fashion, best colors for Spring, etc. I definitely recommend checking it out if you have never heard of it and like nail polishes like myself 🙂 CHECK IT OUT HERE

I also picked up the April issue of Cosmopolitan…..only because it has Kim Kardashian on the cover of it, and secretly I think she is gorgeous and amazing! So I could not pass it up.

Both magazines are fun reads for this weekend 🙂


NYC Here I come!

3 Mar

I have been bad with writing daily like I would like to on here, but now that I found the time to sit down and write I have some exciting news to share- I won an all expense paid trip to NYC in May! As mentioned in a previous post, I sell Scentsy Wickless Candles, every year Scentsy has an incentive trip which the consultants can earn, and I earned it for this year! I am so excited it has not hit me yet that I am really going to NYC! It has always been a dream of mine to go, my dad and his side of the family is from there and he grew up there and went to school there in Brooklyn. I have always wanted to go and now I finally get to, all thanks to Scentsy, I am so happy to be apart of such an amazing company! I had my pick between Hawaii, NYC, Costa Rica, Washington D.C. or South Carolina. It was not a hard choice for me, even though Hawaii and Costa Rica were tempting. I will be there from May 13-18th in get to stay in an amazing hotel- Waldorf Astoria….which has so much history itself! Scentsy is also treating us to a Dinner Cruise on the Spirit of New York and a Yankee’s game! I also have planned some fun things on my own- Empire State Building, Broadway Show, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, and a visit to Grand Central Terminal. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know 🙂 or any suggestions on a Broadway show as I am torn between Rock of Ages and The Lion King. Even though I am going on my own (because I don’t know any of the other consultants who are going) I think I can make it fun for myself and enjoy exploring on my own, it is nice to have some alone time…especially when it is in a fun city like NYC! I am counting down the days until I take off…..it can’t come soon enough! If anyone else wants an opportunity to win an all expense paid trip to somewhere fun on behalf of Scentsy please let me know 😉 joining Scentsy was the best thing I have done in a long time! I love the products, love the people I have met, love making extra cash every month, and LOVE the fact that I won a FREE trip to NYC! I am warning everyone now that when I come back I will be posting so many pictures of my trip there 🙂

ULTA Mini Haul & My Nails this past week…

27 Feb

On Sunday I had to go and get my taxes done, which I was DREADING to do! Luckily I found an amazing accountant who helped me get money back rather than having to owe (like I thought I would have to!) After I was done with that I stopped by ULTA to get a hair product I use everyday by Oscar Blandi- Glossing Cream (which I mentioned in a previous post), and while I was there I came across O.P.I.’s Euro Centrale collection. I decided to purchase the Euros Mini collection set, which I got for $12.95 (US). I was going to just purchase two colors I had been eyeing, the “Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN” and “You’re Such a Budapest”…but then I saw it would just be cheaper to buy the mini collection set, which includes BOTH of these colors along with two others. All of the colors that are in the mini collection set are:

Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!- a yummy pink

You’re such a Budapest- periwinkle purple

Can’t Find My Czechbook- aqua

OY-Another Polish Joke!- shimmery gold

I have yet to try any of them out, but I plan on doing so the next time I paint my nails (tomorrow or Thursday probably.) I will do a post with a picture at that time 🙂


After I went to ULTA I decided to go get a manicure, only because I honestly hate shaping my own nails….I feel like if I tried my nails would turn out looking disgusting, so I’d rather let a professional do it. I guess I should have just done them myself because I had the WORST manicure ever! This guy did not know what he was doing, first of all- he was SO rough when filing and buffing my nails, I thought he would end up breaking one of them and during my arm/hand massage he was so rough and not gentle at all, second of all- he made my cuticles bleed like they have never bled before…and not just one, but about 6 of them! I wanted to cry….my cuticles looked better BEFORE I had gone in then when I left there, and that is not how it should be…especially when you pay money to get them done. He also got little fuzzies on the white polish from my french manicure that dried with the polish and are still on my nails AND an hour after I left two of my nails where already chipped! I complained to the manager before I paid but all he said was sorry and he would make sure I got somebody different next time…cmon! I should not have had to pay for that manicure….it was horrible and I literally was in pain when I left…my cuticles still hurt and sting and bleed and are all red…they look disgusting! Never again!!

Here is my “good” hand (the one with the least amount of mistakes and bleeding cuticles):


and the “bad” hand:


You see what a horrible job this guy did?! My poor cuticles 😦 they look disgusting!

Here are what my nails looked like PRIOR to this horrible manicure, and the polish that I did myself- The gold is called “Kathleen” bu Julep, and the Black Crackle is O.P.I.’s Black Shatter. I applied 2 coasts of “Kathleen” and then waited a few minutes and then applied the “Black Shatter” followed by a top coat (Fast Forward by China Glaze, of course ;P hehe.) I should have just left my nails like this and not even bothered to get a manicure done by someone, but I was wanting a french manicure and am horrible at giving myself one.


I guess I learned my lesson ;D

I am SO over today!

21 Feb

Today was an awful day for me, I need to vent! I have been bottling everything up all day which is not good and will lead to a huge explosion later. See, the thing is I really DO like my job (the actual job part of it) but the girls I work with are just so rude and honestly have no personality. I mentioned one of them before who is just one of the rudest people I have ever met! I really wonder what happened to her to make her this way, how can someone be SO RUDE everyday like she is?! I just do not understand it. I literally fought back tears at work today and cried like a baby in my car on my hour lunch break….I am just a mess about this!!! I NEED a job, I need to work I need to make a living, I do not go to work to be social and make friends but shit, it would be nice to work with girls I get along with and who are nice and personable and not rude all the time! I have NEVER worked somewhere where I did not make friends with the people I work with outside of work, so this is a little weird and unusual for me…and I HATE it! I dread going to work because of one person…..I do not know why I let her get to me so much, oh wait…yes I do…because she has been there the longest out of us three girls that work there and she has the 2 Doctors wrapped around her finger, the Doctors think she is so nice and doesn’t do anything wrong…little do they know! Let me tell you i go out of my way to try to be friendly with this girl by making conversation, and even other things that I won’t discuss on here just in case someone from my work ever comes across this post (god forbid!)

Today I was helping a patient who was actually in the office, she needed copies of her medical records so I was in the back copying her big chart of records…the phone rings and no one answers it….I always thought helping the patient who is there in person was the most important thing so I continued to help her….the other 2 girls could have answered the phone, which neither did. One was pulling charts for tomorrow and the other was waiting for a live person on the phone line (so she could have clicked over to the other line really quick like I always do to answer the other call and put them on hold.) So I go back into the room she is in and she raises her voice at me and tell me it is SO BAD BAD BAD that I did not answer the phone the two times it rang. I wanted to cry right there and then but pulled myself together…..she did not even bother telling the other girl, just me! She said “you aren’t busy you should have answered those calls…thats so bad!” very rudely….I was the bigger person and said “Yea, I should have answered the calls, sorry, next time I definitely will….but you don’t need to be rude about it.” And she said nothing. I wanted to scream at her and tell her I was busy and she could have answered it quickly and put it on hold, geeze! Why am I the only one she yelled at for it?! Like REALLY?! I can not stand this girl, so rude. A little later when I took a patient back to do a urine sample in the lab room I could hear the two of them talking shit about me (I have amazing hearing!) I started to cry but did not want to let them see me so I fought back the tears the best I could….it was almost lunch time when I could go and break down and cry.

I tried to avoid them the rest of the day and stay quiet and just do what I needed to do without talking to them unless it was totally necessary to. I hope this girl gets what is coming to her….one day I hope someone is as rude to her as she is to me. I am trying, I really am….I am not a bad person, I tend to get along with pretty much everyone I meet….this girl makes me feel like a totally horrible person, I constantly ask myself what I did to make her act like this towards me…but I can never come up with any answers…it must just be who she is sadly. I hope she takes another job somewhere else sooner than later….so then I can stop crying over this bullshit and feeling like crap and dreading going to work every night and morning….I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this. I should just be able to make a living and support myself without having to be put through this and feel this way constantly…it is so sad. Is it wishful thinking for me to hope she will change? I have been there 6 months now and I have been hoping since the second week I was there when she first made me cry that she will change eventually and we can get along, and it has not happened it….maybe one day…hopefully!

Why So Blue?

19 Feb

I was not sure what to do with my nails on Sunday when I got ready to paint them for the up-coming work week…I was so indecisive. I tried a couple colors out but was not feeling it at the time so finally I decided to paint them previous color combo I tried a few months ago and loved. It does remind me a little of winter time but it is super pretty!

I painted my nails first with O.P.I.’s Nail Envy (2 coats) and then once that dried I painted them with Essie- Where’s My Chauffeur- a really pretty turquoise (2 coats) which retails at $8.00 US, once that dried I painted over with one coat of China Glaze- Optical Illusion (not sure how much I paid for this one), and then finished it off with a topcoat by China Glaze called Fast Forward (this is my go to top coat because it literally makes my nails dry in 5 minutes AND it smells good!)

Here is the final outcome:


Everyday Hair Care Products I use…

18 Feb

I decided to make a post on the current hair care products I have been using on my hair on a daily basis. For work I tend to just wear my hair up in a pony tail so it is out of the way and I do not have to worry about it, I work in a Medical office so this is easiest for me in the mornings and through out the day. On the weekends if I am doing something fun or going somewhere I will wear it down and straighten it.

Back in September of last year my hair dresser introduced me to a new line of hair care products called SOJOURN, which I had never heard of before. She used the product in my hair that day and gave me a couple of samples and I purchased a full size product called “Serum Smooth” ($24.00 US)

On the Sojourn web site here is what they say about the Serum Smooth:


Sojourn Serum Smooth restores vitality to even the most dry and damaged hair. This weightless smoothing serum erases split ends, fly-aways and frizzies giving maximum shine and protection to any style for a perfectly polished and finished look.


  • Restores vitality to dry, damaged hair
  • Erases split ends, fly aways, and frizz while giving maximum shine
  • Apply to damp or dry hair

My hair tends to get frizzy and have fly aways (which I HATE!) So that is why I decided to give this product a go, and I LOVE it! I use it every day before I blow dry my hair and it helps wonders!!! Not only does it help to tame the fly aways and the frizziness but it also makes my hair smooth and shiny…healthy looking.

When I went back in December to have my hair done again I decided to give another product from this line a go- the “Leave-In Detangler Spray” from the smooth line ($22.00 US) I also placed an order for the shampoo and conditioner. I really wanted the smooth line but my hair dresser told me they no longer had that in the combination holiday pack (which came with a wooden paddle bristle brush and a tester of the Leave-In Detangler spray plus the shampoo and conditioner) so I decided to order the moisture line instead and give it a try…it would take a week or two to arrive at the salon though so I had to wait for those.

On the Sojourn web site here is what they say about the Leave-In Detangler Spray:


Sojourn Leave-In Detangler instantly releases tangles and knots, smoothes and conditions hair making it the perfect cutting and styling lotion. Fortified with Keratin cashmere protein and Cystine this soothing complex locks in colour and helps to maintain the hair’s natural pH. Extra UV protection shields colour-treated, permed or relaxed hair from sun damage.


  • pH 4.5 — 5.5
  • Excellent cutting lotion
  • Instantly removes tangles and knots while conditioning hair
  • Keratin Cashmere, Cystine, and UV protection to lock in colour

I have to admit I FELL IN LOVE instantly!!!! This product does wonders for my hair! After towel drying my medium length hair I tend to get knots and tangles and sometimes have to force them out with my comb….but when I spray a little of this all over my hair, concentrating on the ends I no longer have to do that! This product makes it easy for my comb to slide through my hair without effort and without any tangles or knots! I use this daily on towel dried hair, followed by a pump or two of the Serum Smooth.

About 2-3 weeks later I went back into my hair dressers to pick up my moisture shampoo and conditioner pack.

Here is what the Sojourn web site says about the Moisture Shampoo ($25.00 US):


Sojourn Shampoo Moisture uses our exclusive blend of protein rich Keratin cashmere and Cystine to penetrate essential amino acid nutrients deep into the hair’s cuticle, maximize hydration and restore the hair’s luster. The low pH formulation (4.5-5.5) aids in closing the cuticle to restructure chemical bonds and return hair to its natural state for clean, beautiful, shiny, healthy-looking hair that is silky soft to the touch, yet manageable.


  • pH 4.5 – 5.5
  • Exclusive blend of Keratin Cashmere and Cystine
  • Maximizes hydration and restores hair’s luster

Here is what the web site says about the Moisture Conditioner ($26.00 US):


Sojourn Conditioner Moisture is infused with our exclusive Keratin cashmere protein and Cystine amino acid to prevent breakage and split ends, soften and smooth wet or dry hair styles. The low pH (4.5-5.5) and lightweight formula works to close the cuticle and repair damage for a superior conditioning treatment that restores natural smoothness and shine to the hair without weighing it down.


  • pH 4.5 – 5.5
  • Infused with Keratin Cashmere and Cystine amino acid
  • Prevents breakage and split ends to soften and smooth hair

I used the shampoo and conditioner the next day, and I was very pleased with it. I had been using Redken products but was eager for a change…and this was just what my hair needed! It works great along with the Leave-In Detangler spray and the Serum Smooth. My hair looks healthy, smoother, more shiny, feels soft and feels healthy! I am pleased with this product line and all the product I have tried so far. Next on my list is to try out the Smooth shampoo and conditioner once I run out of the moisture ones.

Have any of you ever heard of this line before? Tried it out? If not you should! It is not available in stores but is available online and at some salons, I definitely recommend getting your hands on some of the products from this line and trying them out for yourself.


Another product I use on my hair AFTER I blow dry it…to add a glossy touch and smooth the little fly aways that are left without making my hair look oily with the serum is a product by OSCAR BLANDI called ” Pronto Gloss Instant Glossing Cream” which I purchased from ULTA ($21.00 US)

Here is what the ULTA web site says about the Instant Glossing Cream:

Description: Pronto Glossing Cream is the most versatile styling product you’ll own. It delivers weightless shine to all hair types, while it simultaneously controls frizz and tames flyaways. And with a Keratin protein boost for heat protection and Cystine copolymers for a glossy, brilliant finish. It’s everything your hair needs in one tube.

  • Instantly Controls frizz & flyaways
  • Protects from heat damage
  • Prevents cuticle damage
  • Enhances sheen & gloss
  • Multi UV protection prevents color-depleting effects of the heat & sun
  • Paraben free & DEA free formula

    Evenly distribute a small amount throughout damp or dry hair. Oscar’s tip: “On the days you use Pronto Dry Shampoo follow with Pronto Gloss to refresh your style with an instant shine boost.”

I love this product! I have been using it for a couple of years now and can’t go without it. Go pick yourself up a tube, trust me you won’t regret it!



Happy Happy….

15 Feb

Just a quick note to wish all you lovelies a very Happy Valentines Day! Hope your day was amazing 🙂 I will posting a review on the current hair products I use within the next few days so keep an eye out for that.



First Julep Box Has Arrived!!!

13 Feb

I was SO excited yesterday to come home from a long dreadful day at work to receiving my first ever Julep box! Yes, I am now a Maven, so totally excited!! 🙂 I wasted no time with opening the box; there was a little note in the box that said “Welcome Maven” which just explains what Julep is, on the back of that there was a “Maven Tips” note that talks about what you get from being a Maven. I also received a cute little welcome card with my style type which is “Bombshell”- a confident thrill seeker an upbeat attitude, you love playful prints, fun cuts, and saturated colors. My polishes were wrapped up so cute in pink with a black bow around…super girly!




Here are the MAVEN TIPS:

Perks of being a Julep Maven: Mavens enjoy 20% off all products plus FREE shipping on julep.com

Want more each month: You can add on products to your Maven Box starting at just $4.99

Want to try a new style? No problem: Each month you will receive an e-mail from Julep previewing your upcoming Maven Box on the 20th of each month. Do nothing if you love what they have chosen for you. Want to try a new style, send your box to a friend, or skip the month? Just log in and contact them and let them know 🙂

There are 5 different styles, you can take a style quiz on the web site to help you determine what style you are OR you can just read each style description and choose which one is best for you. I took the quiz and got “Bombshell” but when I read the style profile it was a toss up between that and the “It Girl” which I may switch to at some point (with the It Girl you get 3 polishes instead of 2 polishes and another product which you get with the others.)

So now for the fun part! What was in my Julep box?

-Nail polish in the color “Kathleen”

-Nail polish in the color “Chelsea”

-Julep Essential Cuticle Oil

-Julep Daylight Defense Lip Balm with SPF 15 in vanilla mint (an extra goodie that was included in my starter box)


I already tried out the lip balm and cuticle oil and I am liking both! I absolutely LOVE the lip balm, which is weird because I usually hate lip balm or chap stick and only use lip gloss (from Victoria’s Secret only!) So me liking this lip balm was a shock to me, but I am glad I like it! It smells really good and leaves my lips feeling moistened and soft after and does not leave a bad taste if you accidently lick your lips or something. The cuticle oil is nice, I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either! It does the job, but just not as good as another cuticle oil I am currently using….but I definitely will not let it go to waste 😉 I use cuticle oil once or twice a day so this will come in handy. When I try out the nail polishes I will be sure to do a review on it (hopefully sometime this week or this weekend!)

Want to SIGN UP to become a Maven as well? It is super easy to do, and only costs $19.99 a month to receive a box. Here is what will be included in your subscription if you choose to sign up (taken from the julep.com website):

  • Hand-picked trendsetting new nail colors and cutting-edge beauty products that match your style profile and ship them directly to your front door
  • Get three full-size products customized by season and style profile for only $19.99/month (up to a $50 value!)
  • Be the first to hear about our favorite deals, new tips, and upcoming trends
  • Unpack delightful surprises in every box
  • Save 20% on everything in our store
  • Enjoy free shipping on every order

To become a Maven yourself just CLICK HERE

Sunday Nail Color Choice….

11 Feb

My Sunday nail polish choice for the up-coming work week is “Zara” by Zoya. Zoya Nail Polish in Zara can be best described as: A vivid blue-toned light purple with strong golden duochrome shimmer. Gives a magical look to nails.

It is my first time trying this color out and I have to admit I am loving it!! It is a very pretty girly color and will be perfect for the spring time!

I bought this color at Ulta for $8.00(US) but you can order online at http://www.artofbeauty.com


**Review** O.P.I.’s Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer from the Mariah Carey Collection

10 Feb

When I was at Ulta recently I came across the Mariah Carey Collection from O.P.I., none of the colors really stood out as anything special to me except for the Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer set, so I decided to buy 3 out of the 4. I was not sure I would like it or not, seeing as you are not suppose to use a top coat with it, but I decided to give it a try and see. The 3 colors I bought are: The Impossible- a matte fuchsia with star confetti , Stay the Night- a matte black with red glints, and Can’t Let Go- a matte purple with dazzling sparkle.

So far I have only tried one color out- “The Impossible.” I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed. I have no problem with the matte finish, that is not the issue, the issue for me is the texture after it dries, and the way the color looks when dried. It looks bumpy, almost like if your nails were partially dried and you smudged them on something by accident, it has that look to it which I am not a fan of. Also, without a top coat the color leaves your nails bumpy instead of smooth, therefore they easily snag on things (like towels, clothing, bedding, and even my own hair when I was putting it up into a pony tail.) I could not stand this so I decided after a few hours with no top coat that I needed to apply a top coat to fix this issue that was bothering me. it is lot better now and not as bothersome, no more snagging on things, but the color still looks bumpy and just not my cup of tea. After using this color I am in no rush to try the other 2 colors I got.

Here is a picture of my nails with the color WITH NO TOP COAT:


Here are my nails with the color AND a top coat (I used China Glaze’s FAST FOWARD):


Not sure you can really tell a difference in the pictures with a top coat or not, but trust me when I say the outcome is a lot better WITH a top coat on!!!



Mariah Carey by OPI nail lacquers contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application. This promotion will be available beginning January 2013 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for  $9.00 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each nail lacquer.


Just my luck

7 Feb

Go figure my birthday week I would get a sore throat. I have been feeling a little weak and tired these past couple of days as well….guess tonight calls for a good nights sleep and some hot Chai Tea or Chamomile tea. If anyone has any recommendations for a sore throat (besides the whole gargling warm salt water bit) please share them with me 🙂 any tips or tricks or products that actually work! So far I have just been taking throat drops :/ hoping to nip this in the bud by the weekend!


Happy Birthday To Me! + Beauty Haul

5 Feb

Today is my 27th Birthday, I had originally planned to spend all weekend and today with my best friend who lives near Sacramento, but then I got a text saying her and her soon were sick and had pink eye, so I knew better and did not go rather than take the chance to go and catch what they both had. Yes, I was totally bummed, I had taken off work on Monday So I could stay all weekend and come home late on Sunday after the Super Bowl or early this morning, but it did not work out, and I did not let that bring me down or ruin my Birthday by any means.

This weekend I spoiled myself (just a bit!) on Saturday I got an AMAZING Hot Stone Massage and got my eyebrows waxed, both totally needed….especially the hot stone massage!!! My neck and shoulders were very sore, so I knew I was in desperate need of some “me time” by getting this relaxing massage, it helped a lot and I feel so much better. A massage is definitely something I NEED to get done for myself every 2 months or so as I tend to hold my stress in my neck and shoulders, and I get A LOT of stress from work. So this is something I am going to add to my “TO DO” list for myself every 2 months….I think it is beneficial to me and my body and it makes me feel a whole lot better, so why not?!

After my Massage I went to Ulta to get a few things for myself that I had been wanting:

From left to right: O.P.I. Nail Envy- Nail Strengthener, Essie- Good To Go! Top Coat, O.P.I. Manicure Skin Renewal Scrub, O.P.I. “The Impossible” liquid sand nail polish- part of the Mariah Carey Colelction, Zoya “Blaze” nail polish, O.P.I. Avojuice in hibiscus blossom, Burt’s Bees’ facial cleansing towelettes, and Urban Decay’s De-Slick Setting Spray.

O.P.I. Nail Envy: with original Nail Envy – formulated with wheat protein and calcium to resist peeling, cracking, and splitting. Apply two coats followed by one coat every other day ($16.95) .5 oz.

Essie Good To Go! Top Coat: the fastest drying top coat (a birthday gift from an awesome friend- who did my massage) .16 fl oz.

O.P.I. Manicure Skin Renewal Scrub: natural sugar skin scrub with emollients. Massage into skin and then rinse with water. (another gift from my friend) 3 oz.

O.P.I.’s “The Impossible” liquid sand nail polish, part of the Mariah Carey Collection: ($9.00) .5 fl oz.

Zoya’s “Blaze” nail polish: ($8.00) .5 fl oz.

O.P.I. Avojuice- hibiscus blossom lotion: bursting with natural moisturizers to juice up your skin! Silky and “juicy” Avojuice hibiscus blossom treats your skin to a drink of smooth, rich moisturizers, plus soothing avocado and aloe extracts- with the island-sweet aroma of hibiscus blossoms and tropical fruit (another AWESOME gift from my friend!) 6.6 fl oz.

Burt’s Bees’ Facial Cleansing Towelettes with white tea extract: removes dirt, oil, and make-up without rinsing. ($5.99) contains 30 pre-moistened towelettes.

Urban Decay’s De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray- Oil Control: Meet your most powerful oil-control ally. De-Slick mists on weightlessly to control oil, deflect surface shine and keep skin looking beautifully matte. High-tech ingredients help keep foundation, shadow, and blush from smudging, sliding, or fading- so you hardly ever need to touch up. Goodbye shine, hello vibrant, long-lasting makeup ($29.00) 4.0 fl oz.

I have so far used the Nail Envy, Avojuice lotion, Burt’s Bees’ facial cleansing towelettes, and the makeup setting spray. I love everything so far 🙂 reviews of some of these products to come in the future I am sure 😉

Today I also ended up going to Sephora to get my FREE Birthday Gift for being a beauty insider, I ended up getting that and a roll on perfume and a sample of a perfume I really like:

From left to right: sample of “Enchanted Wonderstruck” perfume by Taylor Swift, “Pink Sugar” roller perfume, and my FREE Birthday gift from Sephora, little samples of- “They’re Real!” mascara and “Watt’s Up!” highlighter.

Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume sample by Taylor Swift: An oriental gourmand, Wonderstruck Enchanted introduces a new dimension to the Wonderstruck portfolio, with an irresistible blend of luscious wild berries and sugar-glazed petals, wrapped in a touch of sensuality for a captivating signature. It has an addictive balance of creamy flowers and sensual woods which blend harmoniously and add an alluring quality to the fragrance. The scent includes: Wild Berries, Passion Fruit, Pink Poppy, Peony, Champaca Petals, White Freesia, White Musk, Vanilla, Blond Woods. The .33 oz. rollerball is $18, 1.7 oz. is $49.50, and the 3.4 oz. is $59.50.—– I plan on investing in this soon! I LOVE the scent!!!!

Pink Sugar rollerball perfume: Stylish and lively, with a distinctive personality, Pink Sugar takes you on a journey through the pleasures and flavors of childhood with a playful blend of vanilla and caramel. The scent includes: Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Licorice, Strawberry, Red Fruit, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Wood, Powder. ($20)  .5 fl oz.

FREE Birthday Gift: Treat yourself to the world’s #1 mascara and a champagne sheer highlighter that lights up the room:

“They’re Real!” Benefit Cosmetics mascara: A jet-black mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes for a spectacular “out-to-here” look. What it does: This mascara features an exclusive brush specially designed to maximize the performance of the long-wearing, glossy formula revealing lashes you never knew you had! Staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. The precision bristles on the custom-domed tip lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes. The end result is luxurious, silky lashes that won’t smudge, clump, or dry out ($10-$23) .14 oz or .3 oz.

Watt’s Up!” Benefit Cosmetics highlighter: This cream-to-powder highlighter turns up the wattage with a delicate, gorgeous champagne glow. Its smooth application and luminous sheen switches on the “wow” factor for any complexion. Apply it to cheeks and browbones, then sculpt with the soft-glow blender for your perfect gleam ($30) .33 oz.

I am one happy girl after getting these goodies for myself, and receiving some as a Birthday gift!!! 🙂 Can not wait to try them all out!

Silk Wrapped Nail…

3 Feb

Sadly at work the other day I banged one of my finger nails against the copier when I was making copies of something =/ I freaked out and was so paranoid about that nail after that. I use to be a nail biter and had stubby finger nails, but for the past 4 months I have managed to grow them out, so I am kind of obsessed with my nails and keeping them painted all the time (so they are not as thin) and keeping them from breaking (so far, so good!) But this incident totally pissed me off as I saw a slight break in my nail, although it did not go all the way through the nail and was small, a break is a break. A couple days went by when I finally took the polish off to get a better look at it and put nail glue on it and re-paint the nail, hoping the nail glue would help a little.

Today I had a wonderful massage done by a good friend, who also happens to have her manicurist license, so she helped me out with my semi-broken nail and did a Silk Wrap on it (my first one ever!) I was amazed at how simple it is, and how you can not even tell that the piece of silk is on the nail, it blends in so nicely with my nail, I am very pleased! I have very thin nails, so this grabbed my interest because it helps to make the nail not as thin and helps with breaks. She first filed my nail a little bit, brushed a little nail glue on my nail, then cut the piece of silk to fit over the break on my nail and placed it on my nail where the break is, then brushed nail glue over it, we waited for it to dry and then she filed it a little more, and buffed my nail so it blended in. SUPER easy and I am now in love with this idea! Maybe I will get this done on all of my nails the next time I get a gel manicure (to help with the thin-ness of my nails!)

When I got home I left that nail naked but just painted it with O.P.I.’s Nail Envy- nail strengthener- two coats of it, and it feels as good as new and doesn’t feel as thin as before. 🙂

Here is a picture of my nail with the silk wrap on and the Nail Envy-


Facial Towelettes…Which ones are best?

30 Jan

Every evening when I am getting ready to wind down and get ready for bed I always take my makeup off with a facial cleansing towelette, prior to washing my face at bedtime, just to make double sure all the makeup is removed and my face is 100% clean. So the question is, which facial towelettes are best? I have tried to many out there, but I am going to talk about the current two that I have on me at home.

The first is Burt’s Bees’ Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract (Retials for $5.99) the pack contains 30 pre-moistened towelettes. You can buy these at pretty much any drug store and some grocery stores such as- Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreen’s, and ULTA.


The second one I currently have is Yes To Cucumbers- Soothing Facial Towelettes with aloe vera (Retails for $5.99) the pack contains 30 pre-moistened towelettes. You can buy these at pretty much any drug store and some grocery stores as well. The ones I know of for sure are- ULTA, Target, and Walgreen’s.


Now time to compare these two:
*The Burt’s Bees’ removes makeup so much better than the Yes To does.
*The Yes To packaging is cuter (in my opinion) and more eye catching.
*The Burt’s Bees’ smells way better than the Yes To towelettes do.
*They both contain 30 pre-moistened towelettes.
*They both have the same opening which you can snap close after, and resealable sticker to keep the air from getting to the towelettes and drying them out.
*They are both the same price- $5.99
*I find that I can use just 1 of the Burt’s Bees’ towelettes to get the job done, and yet it takes 2 of the Yes To to remove my makeup.
*The Burt’s Bees’ towelettes seem to be thicker that the Yes To towelettes.
*The Burt’s Bees’ comes in towelettes for sensitive skin as well (not sure if the Yes To Cucumber does as well.)
*My face feels cleaner after using the Burt’s Bee’s towelettes.


As you can see, in my opinion the Burt’s Bees’ ones are much better and are actually my new favorite! I will not let myself be without these from now on. If you have not tried them out yet you definitely should give them a go, and let me know what you think of them if you do!

Which Facial Towelettes are your favorites? Let me know, I love to try out new things 🙂

Saturday Nail Polish Picks!

26 Jan

I usually paint my nails on Sunday for the upcoming work week (and have to change it mid week for the remainder of the work week) but I decided to do them today instead. I did not want to get the gel polish removed, they had not chipped AT ALL after 2 weeks of having it on, but the grow out I could see was bothering me, plus I was so anxious to try out the Zoya- Aurora nail polish I had ordered with the try 3 for free deal. So I went to a local nail place to have the gel removed, get a manicure, and have the polish on my toes changed.

My color pick for my finger nails: Zoya’s AURORA and STORM on my ring finger(s) (retails at $8 each)




My color pick for my toes: China Glaze’s CREATIVE FANTASY, part of the Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away collection (retails at $7.50)



Zoya Nail Polish Deal…3 for FREE!

25 Jan

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who is a manicurist was doing my nails for me and told me about this amazing deal that Zoya was having at the time….it was this Try 3 for Free deal, and of course I was all about it! As soon as I got home I went to the http://www.artofbeauty.com website and began to look at all the colors they have, it was so hard narrow down my choices! At first my shopping cart had about 22 nail polishes, which I of course had to narrow down to only a few. I knew for a fact I wanted this one called “AURORA” because my friend had it on her nails when she was doing mine, and I absolutely fell in love with the color! It is stunningly gorgeous!! The others I chose were just on a whim and by looking at the pictures online (not the most accurate way to see the colors, but oh well.) So I ordered 4 nail polishes and got 3 for FREE, PLUS I got a nail polish remover as well as a 2013 Spring Color Chart of all the Zoya spring color, not to mention FREE shipping! I was one happy camper!!!

I was so anxious to get my nail polishes in the mail, luckily it only took about 6 days to get here (pretty good for free shipping.) As soon as I got home from work I tore open the package they came in to check everything out and take pictures of the polishes to post on here 🙂 I am pleased with almost all of the colors, although some look slightly different than the pictures I looked at and there are one or two I could have done without, but overall I am completely happy with my choices and this amazing deal.


All the nail polishes I got plus the nail polish remover:

















Scentsy Wickless Candles- Scent & Warmer of the month for February!

23 Jan

Aside from my job as a Medical Assistant/Medical Receptionist I also sell Scentsy Wickless Candles. I started selling April 2012 and I love it! If you have not heard of Scentsy they are wickless candles…no flame no wick, so safe! It is a ceramic warmer pot that has a dish on top where you set the cube of wax and it is heated by a light bulb that is inside the warmer pot. They are amazing and safe for kids and pets. I leave mine on 24/7 as do a lot of my customers and have never had any issues. My nephew even got into one of my Sister’s and it spit on him and no burns or anything! There are over 80 different scents to chose from and tons of different warmer pots to chose from.

Every month Scentsy has a Scent and Warmer of the month which are 10% off for that month only. For the month of February the scent is: Posy Peach- fuzzy ripe peaches. This scent is amazing and smells like peaches…perfect for the spring time. I already had to try it out in one of my warmers and I LOVE it!!! It comes in the scentsy bar of wax, room spray, and scent circle (for your car.)
Pricing is below:
Scent Circle CC-PSP $3.00 $2.70
Scentsy Bar SB-PSP $5.00 $4.50
Room Spray RS-PSP $8.00 $7.20

The Warmer of the Month for February is Easter Egg: As colorful as the coming spring, Easter Egg is the perfect present for any basket! Layers of pretty, hand-painted pastel patterns and dancing daisies decorate its glossy surface. Open it, and you’ll find a clever treat – a warmer dish nestled right into the egg.
It is adorable! I love this warmer and am def going to be keeping it for myself, I love the colors and it is perfect for spring/Easter time. It is usually $35 but for the month of February it will be on sale for $31.50.


For the month of February we also are introducing are 2013 Scent Trend, which is a scent that is perfect to mix with other scents and/or warm on its own! The 2013 Scent Trend is called Violet Leaf: Violet Leaf is a simple but amazing scent that captures the very essence of green — dewy, fresh, organic, and just a little floral. Use it on its own to experience its fresh, calming fragrance or add a cube or two to your favorite Scentsy fragrance to customize your favorite scent.

**I will be making samples of Posy Peach this weekend, please email me or comment below if you would like me to send you a free sample 🙂 Luv4Wickless@gmail.com

To take a look at the online catalog or to place an order please go to my web site: http://www.melaniegordon.scentsy.us


Drama at Work…Opinions & Feedback Plz!

22 Jan

Have any of you had to deal with working with someone you honestly dislike and just do not get along with? Well it is my first time experiencing this, and I have to admit I am HATING it!!! I just started this job in August of 2012, so am the newbie in the office which only consists of me, 2 other girls, and 2 Doctors. Right from the beginning me and this one girl who is the one “in charge” since she has been there the longest just DO NOT get along, no matter how hard I try to get along with her or want to….it just won’t ever happen. I would much rather there be no negative-ness in the work place but unfortunately I am not so lucky, as I never am.

Right from the start this girl started to take advantage of me, having me do things that are her job (even when it was still my first 2 weeks and I was still trying to adjust and learn my own work, she would throw her work at me as well) but when I would ask her for help she would always say she was busy, but then if I were to say that to her she would still make me do her things for her, before I am even done with my own work. Within the first 2 weeks I was there she made me cry, and I wanted to give up and quit and never look at her again, but I held my head up high and showed up the next morning for work, despite how awkward the atmosphere there was, and still is. Things never really were okay, I just let her walk all over me, was at her beck and call, did whatever she asked of me, put her work and her above my work and myself, but a couple weeks ago I just could not take it anymore and spoke up.

I was in the middle of finishing up my work for the day, it was just us 3 girls there at the time, and she told me I had to help her with her charts…I told her I was in the middle of finishing some things up for my work, and she told me the charts were more important. I spoke up and finally told her I feel like she is walking all over me and taking advantage of the fact I am the “newbie” in the office. She slapped the pile of her charts down on my desk….I did not touch them. I told her I wouldn’t do them until I was done with my stuff. Basically it turned into a huge argument, I named off things she has me do that makes me feel like she is throwing her work at me and taking advantage of me, she talked down to me like I was stupid and making things up and over exaggerating. There is just now getting through to this girl, she is THAT type of girl, she only sees and believes what she wants to see and believe, she acts like she is too good for me and everyone else. She is someone I can never see myself being friends with or liking, so how in the world can I survive 40 hours a week with her at work?

I want to get along, I want things to run smoothly, I don’t want it to be awkward and so negative, but HOW?! How can I get through to this girl and just make her realize how little she makes me feel? I feel like she has turned me into her bitch, her puppet, like she is my master….I HATE IT, I HATE FEELING THIS WAY! She never is willing to help me with my stuff as she is too “busy” but yet she expects me to drop my work and help her with hers, because it is so much more important. She told me in the beginning I am suppose to HELP with some of her things, like filing her charts and putting charts together at the end of the day, etc. Well there is no HELPING when it has only been me doing it! The first 2 weeks I was there I spoke up about filing her charts back for her and she asked me if I have ever spoken back to any of my other bosses that way, and told me it was my job to help. This is the first time she made me cry, I wanted to give up, the way she made me feel I can not even explain or put into words how awful it is to feel that way and have to spend all day with that person. She told me I had to help her with them, I had no problem helping her with them, but she did not help at all, so it was me doing it all by myself…that is not helping, that is doing it all for her! I had put half the charts away that day and simply asked her if she could file the other half away, since I was “helping” her, and then she shot back at me with the “Did you talk back to your other bosses this way?!” Mind you, she is not even my boss or manager! I just can not stand this person 😦

So a couple of weeks ago I stood up to her and told her what was on my mind and how she makes me feel, and to her it just turned into an argument, and I ended up in tears, again. I knew she would go tell the Doctor, but the Doctor had not mentioned anything to me until today when I went to ask for my Birthday off, I did get my birthday off, but at the same time I got scolded about how this girl is in charge and I am suppose to help and we are a team and all suppose to help each other. I wanted to badly to tell her I do help more than I should, and she doesn’t help and does no team work and takes advantage of me and makes me feel like her puppet who controls me, I wanted so badly to speak  up and tell the truth, but then that would make me look like the bad person, like I am not accepting the Doctor’s feedback, like I am putting the blame on this girl. The Doctors love this girl as she has been there the longest out of the 3 of us….*sigh* I guess I am trapped…I like the actual job, but not this girl….NOT how she takes advantage of me and walks all over me and how she makes me feel. I dread going to work every morning, I cry myself to sleep some nights….and today after the Doctor talked to me about it I went on my Lunch Break and cried for the whole hour ;( what a shitty day! Here I am dreading to go back to work tomorrow….and it is not even Tuesday yet!

Please, if anyone has dealt with this before or been in this situation or something similar please let me know how you dealt with it, the best way to deal with someone like this, I feel like such a horrible person yet I know it is not me that’s in the wrong her, but the Doctor only sees and hears what this girl tells her (because some days they are gone and they are not there for these instances.) I am so depressed because of work, all I want to do is make a living to pay my bills….NOT feel emotionally drained and stressed everyday.