What To Do for Stress?

10 Mar

I seem to stress myself out so easily about the smallest things! All I do while at work during the week is stress about every little thing. I am a perfectionist so things have to be done perfect or I feel like I failed at it….not to mention certain people I work with stress me out big time. I seem to hold all my stress in my neck and shoulder area, which eventually causes pain and problems for me. I am looking for some  suggestions/tips on what to do to help relieve or prevent stress. This weekend I feel extra stressed out because all I really want to do is read a good book and finish it (I have a collection of 60 plus books on my Kindle Fire waiting to be read yet I can never seem to find the time to sit down and finish one!) I am doing some side work for one of my Doctors at work because I need to extra cash, but it is not like I want to do it or enjoy doing it…it is a LOT of reading documents and typing, I do it at home so the weekends are my only real available time for that….which leaves me with no relaxation time 😦 I wish money did not have to be a worry or concern, but unfortunately that is life and I have to deal with it….I just need to figure out a good way to deal with it without getting so stressed out over it.

Today, during the day, was nice though….I got my eyebrows waxed and got my hair cut (much needed for both!) and I wanted to just get a toe nail polish change but the wait was an hour long….so of course I did not wait. I dred painting my own toe nails….it just seems to be a pain for me and a longer process when I do it myself than when I have someone else do it.


Anyways, suggestions or tips on ways to prevent or relieve stress would be great! Thanks 🙂


March Julep Maven Box & Sunday Manicure<3

4 Mar

Yesterday I received my second Maven box from Julep, and again I was completely happy and satisfied with the colors I received and the beauty product as well as the free gift! I get excited for the box to arrive, I think it is so fun! What I received in my box was: Rock Star Hand Cream, Strawberry Mint Lip Balm, and 2 nail polishes: Minnie & Adrianna….both are really pretty spring colors! I have tried out the Rock Star Hand Cream- it leaves my hands feeling so soft and moisturized, but I am not too fond of the smell. I have also used the lip balm which I LOVE! I liked the other lip balm I received in my first box as well, it was a different kind, but I love both….I am really picky when it comes to lip balms and lip gloss so I was shocked, yet happy that I liked the Julep lip balm I received.




Today I decided to try out one of the colors, Minnie, so I gave myself a manicure and tried it out….I adore this color! It is perfect for the spring time!! I chose to paint my nails this color, and then for the accent nail I painted Essie’s “Beyond Cozy” over it. I absolutely love it! I can not wait to try out the other Julep color I received in this months Maven box- Adrianna, I will be posting about it when I do try it. The only downside I have found with the Julep polish I tried today was that it seems to be really thick!! Other than that I am a happy camper 🙂


Magazine Reads Of The Day….

3 Mar

I finally got my first issue of NAIL IT magazine. My friend KL had told me about this magazine and I immediately went online to subscribe to it. I LOVE it and am so glad I did subscribe! It gives tons of helpful tips, reviews of colors, the latest nails and fashion, best colors for Spring, etc. I definitely recommend checking it out if you have never heard of it and like nail polishes like myself 🙂 CHECK IT OUT HERE

I also picked up the April issue of Cosmopolitan…..only because it has Kim Kardashian on the cover of it, and secretly I think she is gorgeous and amazing! So I could not pass it up.

Both magazines are fun reads for this weekend 🙂


NYC Here I come!

3 Mar

I have been bad with writing daily like I would like to on here, but now that I found the time to sit down and write I have some exciting news to share- I won an all expense paid trip to NYC in May! As mentioned in a previous post, I sell Scentsy Wickless Candles, every year Scentsy has an incentive trip which the consultants can earn, and I earned it for this year! I am so excited it has not hit me yet that I am really going to NYC! It has always been a dream of mine to go, my dad and his side of the family is from there and he grew up there and went to school there in Brooklyn. I have always wanted to go and now I finally get to, all thanks to Scentsy, I am so happy to be apart of such an amazing company! I had my pick between Hawaii, NYC, Costa Rica, Washington D.C. or South Carolina. It was not a hard choice for me, even though Hawaii and Costa Rica were tempting. I will be there from May 13-18th in get to stay in an amazing hotel- Waldorf Astoria….which has so much history itself! Scentsy is also treating us to a Dinner Cruise on the Spirit of New York and a Yankee’s game! I also have planned some fun things on my own- Empire State Building, Broadway Show, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, and a visit to Grand Central Terminal. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know 🙂 or any suggestions on a Broadway show as I am torn between Rock of Ages and The Lion King. Even though I am going on my own (because I don’t know any of the other consultants who are going) I think I can make it fun for myself and enjoy exploring on my own, it is nice to have some alone time…especially when it is in a fun city like NYC! I am counting down the days until I take off…..it can’t come soon enough! If anyone else wants an opportunity to win an all expense paid trip to somewhere fun on behalf of Scentsy please let me know 😉 joining Scentsy was the best thing I have done in a long time! I love the products, love the people I have met, love making extra cash every month, and LOVE the fact that I won a FREE trip to NYC! I am warning everyone now that when I come back I will be posting so many pictures of my trip there 🙂

ULTA Mini Haul & My Nails this past week…

27 Feb

On Sunday I had to go and get my taxes done, which I was DREADING to do! Luckily I found an amazing accountant who helped me get money back rather than having to owe (like I thought I would have to!) After I was done with that I stopped by ULTA to get a hair product I use everyday by Oscar Blandi- Glossing Cream (which I mentioned in a previous post), and while I was there I came across O.P.I.’s Euro Centrale collection. I decided to purchase the Euros Mini collection set, which I got for $12.95 (US). I was going to just purchase two colors I had been eyeing, the “Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN” and “You’re Such a Budapest”…but then I saw it would just be cheaper to buy the mini collection set, which includes BOTH of these colors along with two others. All of the colors that are in the mini collection set are:

Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!- a yummy pink

You’re such a Budapest- periwinkle purple

Can’t Find My Czechbook- aqua

OY-Another Polish Joke!- shimmery gold

I have yet to try any of them out, but I plan on doing so the next time I paint my nails (tomorrow or Thursday probably.) I will do a post with a picture at that time 🙂


After I went to ULTA I decided to go get a manicure, only because I honestly hate shaping my own nails….I feel like if I tried my nails would turn out looking disgusting, so I’d rather let a professional do it. I guess I should have just done them myself because I had the WORST manicure ever! This guy did not know what he was doing, first of all- he was SO rough when filing and buffing my nails, I thought he would end up breaking one of them and during my arm/hand massage he was so rough and not gentle at all, second of all- he made my cuticles bleed like they have never bled before…and not just one, but about 6 of them! I wanted to cry….my cuticles looked better BEFORE I had gone in then when I left there, and that is not how it should be…especially when you pay money to get them done. He also got little fuzzies on the white polish from my french manicure that dried with the polish and are still on my nails AND an hour after I left two of my nails where already chipped! I complained to the manager before I paid but all he said was sorry and he would make sure I got somebody different next time…cmon! I should not have had to pay for that manicure….it was horrible and I literally was in pain when I left…my cuticles still hurt and sting and bleed and are all red…they look disgusting! Never again!!

Here is my “good” hand (the one with the least amount of mistakes and bleeding cuticles):


and the “bad” hand:


You see what a horrible job this guy did?! My poor cuticles 😦 they look disgusting!

Here are what my nails looked like PRIOR to this horrible manicure, and the polish that I did myself- The gold is called “Kathleen” bu Julep, and the Black Crackle is O.P.I.’s Black Shatter. I applied 2 coasts of “Kathleen” and then waited a few minutes and then applied the “Black Shatter” followed by a top coat (Fast Forward by China Glaze, of course ;P hehe.) I should have just left my nails like this and not even bothered to get a manicure done by someone, but I was wanting a french manicure and am horrible at giving myself one.


I guess I learned my lesson ;D

I am SO over today!

21 Feb

Today was an awful day for me, I need to vent! I have been bottling everything up all day which is not good and will lead to a huge explosion later. See, the thing is I really DO like my job (the actual job part of it) but the girls I work with are just so rude and honestly have no personality. I mentioned one of them before who is just one of the rudest people I have ever met! I really wonder what happened to her to make her this way, how can someone be SO RUDE everyday like she is?! I just do not understand it. I literally fought back tears at work today and cried like a baby in my car on my hour lunch break….I am just a mess about this!!! I NEED a job, I need to work I need to make a living, I do not go to work to be social and make friends but shit, it would be nice to work with girls I get along with and who are nice and personable and not rude all the time! I have NEVER worked somewhere where I did not make friends with the people I work with outside of work, so this is a little weird and unusual for me…and I HATE it! I dread going to work because of one person…..I do not know why I let her get to me so much, oh wait…yes I do…because she has been there the longest out of us three girls that work there and she has the 2 Doctors wrapped around her finger, the Doctors think she is so nice and doesn’t do anything wrong…little do they know! Let me tell you i go out of my way to try to be friendly with this girl by making conversation, and even other things that I won’t discuss on here just in case someone from my work ever comes across this post (god forbid!)

Today I was helping a patient who was actually in the office, she needed copies of her medical records so I was in the back copying her big chart of records…the phone rings and no one answers it….I always thought helping the patient who is there in person was the most important thing so I continued to help her….the other 2 girls could have answered the phone, which neither did. One was pulling charts for tomorrow and the other was waiting for a live person on the phone line (so she could have clicked over to the other line really quick like I always do to answer the other call and put them on hold.) So I go back into the room she is in and she raises her voice at me and tell me it is SO BAD BAD BAD that I did not answer the phone the two times it rang. I wanted to cry right there and then but pulled myself together…..she did not even bother telling the other girl, just me! She said “you aren’t busy you should have answered those calls…thats so bad!” very rudely….I was the bigger person and said “Yea, I should have answered the calls, sorry, next time I definitely will….but you don’t need to be rude about it.” And she said nothing. I wanted to scream at her and tell her I was busy and she could have answered it quickly and put it on hold, geeze! Why am I the only one she yelled at for it?! Like REALLY?! I can not stand this girl, so rude. A little later when I took a patient back to do a urine sample in the lab room I could hear the two of them talking shit about me (I have amazing hearing!) I started to cry but did not want to let them see me so I fought back the tears the best I could….it was almost lunch time when I could go and break down and cry.

I tried to avoid them the rest of the day and stay quiet and just do what I needed to do without talking to them unless it was totally necessary to. I hope this girl gets what is coming to her….one day I hope someone is as rude to her as she is to me. I am trying, I really am….I am not a bad person, I tend to get along with pretty much everyone I meet….this girl makes me feel like a totally horrible person, I constantly ask myself what I did to make her act like this towards me…but I can never come up with any answers…it must just be who she is sadly. I hope she takes another job somewhere else sooner than later….so then I can stop crying over this bullshit and feeling like crap and dreading going to work every night and morning….I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this. I should just be able to make a living and support myself without having to be put through this and feel this way constantly…it is so sad. Is it wishful thinking for me to hope she will change? I have been there 6 months now and I have been hoping since the second week I was there when she first made me cry that she will change eventually and we can get along, and it has not happened it….maybe one day…hopefully!

Why So Blue?

19 Feb

I was not sure what to do with my nails on Sunday when I got ready to paint them for the up-coming work week…I was so indecisive. I tried a couple colors out but was not feeling it at the time so finally I decided to paint them previous color combo I tried a few months ago and loved. It does remind me a little of winter time but it is super pretty!

I painted my nails first with O.P.I.’s Nail Envy (2 coats) and then once that dried I painted them with Essie- Where’s My Chauffeur- a really pretty turquoise (2 coats) which retails at $8.00 US, once that dried I painted over with one coat of China Glaze- Optical Illusion (not sure how much I paid for this one), and then finished it off with a topcoat by China Glaze called Fast Forward (this is my go to top coat because it literally makes my nails dry in 5 minutes AND it smells good!)

Here is the final outcome: